Privacy Policy

Data Protection Policy



Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way shall we…then we can chat weddings! Depending on whether you are just enquiring with myself or you become a client of mine later down the line, I will need to collect and process some or all of the following information.

  • Your name* and your partners
  • Address details
  • Contact number
  • Email Address*
  • Wedding information – date*, venue*, venue address

Everything marked with a * is needed to make an initial enquiry.

Why is data stored? 

  • To access an enquiry for a service
  • To manage the duration of the service
  • To improve the operation of the business
  • For management and auditing of the business such as accounts and taxes.
  • To comply with legal guidance and requirements 

Like thousands of other websites, when landing on my website it does mean it will gather information by the use of cookies in your web browser. However, I will NOT and do NOT have the authority to sell or rent your information to any third parties, this also includes for marketing purposes. When you visited my website you should have received a mini, rather ugly notification appear at the top of the page. This notifies you that my website uses cookies, by clicking the “ok” button, you agree it is ok for data/information to be collected.  

Wedding Enquiry

If you are enquiring about my availability to photograph your big day and I’m sadly unavailable, I will occasionally share the date of your wedding and venue to fellow wedding photographers who I think might be a suitable alternative.

How is data collected?

With my website all data that is collected is anonymous. It will collect data such as IP address, whether you accessed my website via mobile or phone, and thirdly which pages have accessed.


You will be very pleased to know I will not be bombarding you with thousands of useless photography short, you will not receive any emails containing any marketing ploys. All emails that will be sent to you will be based on the photographic job…possibly the odd “I’m sooo excited about your wedding!?”

From time to time if your wedding is that epic I occasionally work with magazines and wedding blogs that would like to feature your wedding. Your wedding images and very basic information such as first name, wedding date and venue would be needed however, before any work was to be submitted or published I would ask for your full permission. You have every right and authority to object.


Although the majority of the time my business is just me, myself, and I, I do have some nifty business UK suppliers who supply some of my materials. As of 2018, my suppliers are Loxley Colour, Pixiset, Wooden Banana and Albert. I have contacted all four businesses and have a saved copy of each privacy policy in terms of GDPR. All policies can be found on all websites or feel free to email me for a copy.  


When personal information has been sent over via email, I do my utmost to keep it safe and secure. However, we are in 2018 and the internet can do some weird things, therefore we cannot guarantee the internet is 100% safe. However, my website is SSL secured meaning the link between the browsers and the web server remain private and integral.

All enquiries that have not become clients will be deleted from my email server after 6 weeks of the initial enquiry.

Image Use

If you haven’t already of guessed, I love photographing your weddings, after your epic day, one of the first things I love to do is share a couple of your beautiful images via my social media. I love sharing your creations and it gives a chance for your friends to seem from my perspective. I will only post on social media when a contract has been signed, I will also ask in person, usually during the shoot or possibly prior to double check that you are happy for images to be shared. You have every right to decline the authority for me to use the images on social media. 

At a typical wedding I see a lot of faces, in fact I probably photograph at least 100 people. It is almost impossible as well frustrating having to ask for every persons consent, which is why in my contract the person signing the initial contract is giving consent for myself to photograph the wedding, including guests. I do understand and respect that not everyone loves the camera as much as me, so I do my utmost to ask each one of my clients whether there are any persons who are strongly against being in photographs. Throughout the day of the event I do utmost to keep them out of shot, however this is not always possible. 


Please feel free to email me regarding any questions you may have! Now…lets chat weddings!