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Creative Wedding photographer for the more laid back, stylish, creative- driven couples

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Based 20 minutes from Exeter, I travel mainly in the South West documenting the laughs smiles and joy from each and every wedding.

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Jack & Morvah's relaxed Autumnal wedding at Anran

Ed & Abi's Intimate wedding at Watergate Bay

All the festival vibes for Tom & Emma's big day

A wedding and festival merged into one.

All the stylish vibes for this understated wedding

The beachy boho wedding of dreams.

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The Face behind the lens

Hiya, I'm Paige

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Hey, thank you so much for stopping by! If you're looking for the less traditional, more stylish fun imagery to show off one of the most important days of your life, then you're definitely in the right place. I hate how over time the stigma of wedding photography has been portrayed as something super staged, cliche, stressful and lets face it.. pretty boring. For me I want to flip that idealisation on its head and make the concept of wedding photography far less forced, more natural and loads more fun :)

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Kind Words

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Paige!! I have just sat this evening with my mouth dropped, I dont even know where to start, there are just so many incredible photos and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface! They are incredible and I keep doing a Keira Knightly from Love Actually 'I look quite pretty' - thank you so much, you've captured the day so magically and I think I may just sit and relive it for a few weeks! I thought I'd stopped crying about it, but nope, the tears are back!

Evan & Georgie